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Diggit Victoria Offers Profiles to Enhance Safety of Buyers and Sellers

Buying and selling online can be unpredictable, annoying, and sometimes even dangerous. Classified sites are riddled with user reports of scams, frauds or sometimes violent crimes. As a sure­fire way to avoid these issues, Diggit Victoria offers user profiles.

The profiles can be created by either individuals or businesses and are required for users who want to conduct e­commerce on the site. This innovative feature includes a photo or business logo of the seller, as well as a description of who they are and the types of items they are selling and/or looking for.

“For the first time, people within a community can buy and sell from one another online, in a safe and accountable way”, said Tish Hill, CEO of Semadic, the company responsible for Diggit Victoria. “The profiles allow for personal and real transactions between people ­ not the anonymous back and forth so many people are used to”.

Diggit Victoria also offers over 10 comprehensive documents explaining the types of scams users may encounter online and how to deal with them, as well as outlining their policies on selling everything from puppies to expired car seats. Diggit Victoria also has an in­house team of moderators who are actively monitoring user behaviour on the site and removing inappropriate content and delinquent profiles.

“There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our users”, said Hill. “From day one we have prioritized providing an environment that allows people to make safe and informed decisions”.

Diggit Victoria is a free, local online marketplace that allows you to share news & stories, buy & sell and get to know your neighbors. Through its innovative user interface and design, Diggit Victoria is a hub of social and e­commerce activity.

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