Diggit Victoria Launches Selling App

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Diggit Victoria Launches Selling App

­ Diggit Victoria is pleased to announce the launch of their selling app. This app allows businesses to photograph their products, apply a variety of filters, effects and frames, set pricing and share them within the Diggit marketplace and on Facebook and Twitter. For the first time, local retailers can manage their e­commerce platform from their phones and tablets!

This is the first Diggit app, but the team is working hard on a browsing and buying app, which will eventually be merged with the selling app.

“Throughout our development, we always prioritize what is the most convenient and effective for our merchants”, said Tish Hill, CEO of Semadic, the company responsible for Diggit. “Our site, and now this app, are the first steps towards giving business owners’ the freedom to be open 24/7 and easily share their goods and services with the Vancouver Island community”.

Diggit Victoria is a free, local online marketplace that allows you to share news & stories, buy & sell and get to know your neighbors. Through its innovative user interface and design, Diggit Victoria is a hub of social and e­commerce activity.

Press Contacts

Erin Richards
Communications Manager
Semadic Interactive Technologies Inc.