Hero Work Needs Volunteers for Mustard Seed Makeover

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Hero Work Needs Volunteers for Mustard Seed Makeover

Diggit Victoria is helping to get the word out about a program in the community that desperately needs volunteers. Developed by Paul Latour, Hero Work is a program that temporarily brings together small groups of community members to organize extreme makeovers for worthy non­profits. This year’s campaign is an over $300K renovation of the Mustard Seed here in Victoria, whose building is in desperate need of repairs and upgrades. Between May 24th and June 2nd close to 100 local businesses and volunteers will make it happen.

Diggit Victoria has started early, asking people to donate to Hero Work through their campaign page victoria.diggit.ca/herowork. Diggit is also providing over 15 volunteers to help with the project, including a “coffee crew” who will be giving beverages to the workers.

“I’m amazed by the the support of organizations like Diggit Victoria, who truly believe in supporting community and doing what they can to make this dream come true for the Mustard Seed”, said Latour.

To see Hero Work’s wish list and to donate, visit victoria.diggit.ca/herowork. To find out more about Paul Latour and his amazing team, visit http://www.herowork.com/.


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