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Why Us? Good question! Diggit is unique in three distinct ways...


We are local

Diggit is a platform where local small businesses, artisans and taste makers can connect with local shoppers. Every product and service you see on our site is handpicked from the Vancouver Island community, so when you’re selling on Diggit, you’re supporting our local economy. Our curation process ensures that our categories are balanced so that buyers and sellers can find each other easily.


We are a community

Diggit is a safe and fun environment where sellers can not only transact with their customers, but also support each other. The Diggit team helps cultivate these relationships by hosting various offline events for merchants to network, cross promote and share their stories. On top of all this, our Community section features classes and workshops, play reviews, recipes, events and more to attract and encourage shoppers to engage at a local level. You will be connecting with neighbours from around the corner and down the street, so it’s likely you might run into an acquaintance, friend or family member on our site -- how nice!


We are social

We’ve built social media into our site from the ground up. It’s simple: every shop, item, event, service and story is likeable, shareable and followable. This social sharing is just another way your business can gain exposure through Diggit.

We also take any opportunity to brag about our sellers, using our weekly newsletter and social media platforms. We want to make sure that those who support us feel the Diggit love!

Shop. Play. Share.

You + Us = Together Forever?

Diggit is an online marketplace where locals come to shop, play and share. We connect small businesses, services, artisans and makers with local buyers to create a unique shopping experience through curation, social sharing and conversation. Like a traditional market, we want people to discover beautiful things, see what their neighbours are buying, chat about what’s going on around town and shop — all at a local level. To foster that market vibe, we carefully handpick and review our Diggit shops.

Seller Storefront

Do you have what it takes to open a Diggit shop?

Of course you do! You’re awesome! But is your shop a good fit for this particular marketplace? If you answer “yes!” to the following, then chances are this could be the start of a beautiful friendship...

Are you local?

We are all about showcasing small businesses in our community.

Do you have beautiful things to sell or do you teach amazing workshops/classes?

We’re looking for unique and interesting products and services that will appeal to our unique and interesting shoppers. Oh, and variety is good! We like to mix things up a bit.

Can you or someone you love take a decent photo?

We’ve intentionally built an aesthetically pleasing site that runs on gorgeous high-res images. If this is something you struggle with, but you just know you’ve got some awesome content, let us know—we can definitely help!

The Fine Print

No cost, no fees.

There is no cost to sign up and sell on Diggit. We don’t charge any monthly or yearly fees — really! Only when you sell an item through your Diggit shop (wooohooo!) do we collect a percentage of the sale price. Meaning your success is our success.


Don’t mind us - we plan to promote the heck out of you!

We tend to be a pretty passionate group, especially about our shop owners. So, don’t be surprised if we feature you in our newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and don’t be shy! If you have anything special happening or you’ve found/created a great new product, let us know and we’ll shout it from the rafters!

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